7 February, 2020

Frog Legs Phase 2 Hybrid Forks

Frog Legs have been producing wheelchair forks for a while now and have gathered quite a cult following for their suspension products.

By adding a polymer shock absorber to your wheelchair, you achieve a smoother and safer ride as the front wheels are more forgiving and less likely to lock when confronted with an unexpected crack or pebble. Fewer hairy moments where you may end up kissing the ground. 

The Phase 2 Hybrid forks are Frog Legs’ latest iteration, offering an aluminium top, a carbon fiber swing arm and a more capable wedge shaped polymer. 

All of these changes result in a lighter fork with a better ride. 

It will fit 3, 4, 5, or 6″ diameter casters, sold separately.

Available from $449.99 USD for a pair of forks. 

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