10 February, 2020

Intimate Rider – Sexual Mobility Aid

Any device that can help increase mobility is always appreciated, but sadly there are very few to help in the bedroom department. Luckily a man with a C6-C7 SCI invented a special chair to help.

There is not much we can say to top the description by IntimateRider’s team so…

“The IntimateRider is unlike any other sex chair on the market. Designed specifically for people with spinal cord injuries and other mobility-limiting disabilities, the IntimateRider helps increase your sexual mobility for an improved sexual experience.

More than just a sex chair, this sexual mobility aid is stable, comfortable and can help you achieve a range of different sexual positions with your partner. Once you and your partner become comfortable with the IntimateRider sexual disability aid, you can begin to experiment with new positions for an increased level of sexual intimacy.

The IntimateRider is available with accessories including a seat cushion to provide extra comfort and support and a positioning strap to help increase momentum and hold your partner closer to your body. They also offer travel bags made of durable denier nylon so you can take your IntimateRider with you wherever you travel.

The IntimateRider has a low profile for easier transfer and is lightweight, stable and can be used with or without extra sexual positioning devices and accessories.”

Price: $365.00 for the standard chair without accessories. 


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